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The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ

Archive-name: graphics/utilities-faq
Posting-Frequency: every 21 days
Last-modified 9/29/95
Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ v.019

   Written by Brian D. Stark

 This FAQ was created to answer the following questions concerning popular
graphic utilities:
                  1) What is the newest version of the graphic utility ?
                  2) On what ftp site can this version be found ?
                  3) What types of files does it handle ?

Platforms include DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, Windows, & X-Windows .

> Indicates a new version added to the FAQ
o Indicates added software
! Indicates a changed ftp site or directory
# Indicates a changed file description

 [Name of utility]    [Ver-   [Located at ftp site:]             [Filename]
To see what types of files these utilities handle click here

 Aaplay               1.0 /pc/animation       aaplay.lzh
 CompuLog             2.00a   [oak] /SimTel/msdos/gif  
 CompuShow  "CShow"   9.04a /showcase/bstark
 CompuShow 2000       2.04a /showcase/bstark
 Display              1.88    [oak] /SimTel/msdos/graphics
 -------------------------      Additional drivers and fonts =
 DLView               3.1     [stark] /pub/utilities           []
 -------------------------                1) [See note below]
 DMpeg                1.1 /pc/graphics
 DVPEG                3.0l /pub/jpeg/viewers
! GDS                 3.1f /                 gds31f.exe
! ------------------------      For viewing additional formats
 Gif2jpg              2.0     [oak] /SimTel/msdos/graphics
 GifEXE               4.5     [stark] /pub/utilities   
> Graphic                     ---------------------------------------------
      Workshop "GWS"  7.0f /pub/alchemy
 Grasprt              5.0     [stark] /pub/utilities           []
 -------------------------                2) [See note below]
 Image Alchemy        1.8 /pub/alchemy
> JPEG (by IJG)       6.0     [oak] /SimTel/msdos/graphics
> ------------------------      Optimized version for 386 or >
 Jpg2gif              2.0     [oak] /SimTel/msdos/graphics
 NeoPaint             3.1c /pub/msdos/programming/utils
 NView                1.5b    [wustl] pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/graphics
 QPEG386              ----    See "QPV/386" on the next line.    ------------
 QPV/386              1.7a /pub/bryanw/qpv
 QuickFli             7/22/89 /pc/animation
 QuickView            1.02    [oak] /SimTel/msdos/graphics
> Screen Thief        1.58    [oak] /SimTel/msdos/screen
o SEA Graphics Viewer 1.0     [oak] /SimTel/msdos/graphics  
 VPic                 6.1e.4  [stark] /pub/utilities   
 VMpeg                1.2a /pub/cf/cfogg/mpeg1
 XingIt! for DOS      2.1     [cica] /pub/pc/win3/desktop

[Name of utility] [Ver- [Located at ftp site:] [Filename] sion] Macintosh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To see what types of files these utilities handle click here DLViewer 1.0b8 [sumex] /info-mac/gst dl-viewer-10b8.hqx epsConverter 1.32 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/grf eps-converter-132.hqx GifConverter 2.3.7 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/grf gif-converter-237.hqx Giffer 1.1.2 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/grf giffer-112.hqx GLViewer 1.11 [umich] glviewer1.11.cpt.hqx > Graphic Converter 2.1.5 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/grf ------------------------- graphic-converter-215.hqx Imagery 1.9 [sumex] /info-mac/gst imagery-19.hqx JPEGView 3.3.1 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/grf jpeg-view-331.hqx Mac Animation Viewer 1.1 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/mov ------------------------- mac-anim-viewer-11.hqx QuickGif 1.0 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/grf quick-gif.hqx QuickTime 2.1 3) [See note below] Sparkle 2.4.5 [sumex] /info-mac/gst/mov sparkle-245.hqx Video for Windows \___ --------------------------------------------- Utilities 1.1pd [sumex] /info-mac/gst/mov ------------------------- video-for-windows-11p.hqx
[Name of utility] [Ver- [Located at ftp site:] [Filename] sion] OS/2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To see what types of files these utilities handle click here Animation Player 1.00 [hobbs] /os2/graphics Galleria 2.2 [hobbs] /os2/graphics Generalized \___ --------------------------------------------- Bitmap Module 6/27/94 [hobbs] /os2/graphics Image Archiver 1.03 [hobbs] /os2/graphics JoeView 1.22b [hobbs] /os2/graphics PBMPLUS for OS/2 8/6/92 [hobbs] /os2/graphics PM I-Cat 1.00 [hobbs] /os2/graphics PMJPEG 1.73 [hobbs] /os2/graphics PMMPEG 3.0 [hobbs] /os2/graphics > PMView 0.92 [hobbs] /os2/graphics Show 1.7 [hobbs] /os2/graphics
[Name of utility] [Ver- [Located at ftp site:] [Filename] sion] Windows ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To see what types of files these utilities handle click here ACDSee 1.25 /pub/acd/acdsee o CompuPic "CPIC" 1.01 / cpic.exe Graphic \___ --------------------------------------------- Workshop "GWS" 1.1r /pub/alchemy gwswin11.exe ------------------------- For viewing QuickTime movies = GraphX Viewer 1.51 /pub/gviewer Jasc Media Center 2.02 /users/jasc LView (freeware) 3.1 [cica] /pub/pc/win3/desktop LView Pro 1.B [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics Microsoft Win32s 1.25a /Softlib/MSLFILES ------------------------- 4) [See note below] [PW1118.EXE] MpegPlay 1.65 /pub/ms/msimmons QV 1.2e [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics QuickTime "QTW" 2.0.3 5) [See note below] Paint Shop Pro "PSP" 3.11 [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics PhotoLab 1.8 [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics PixFolio 2.0.156 [cica] /pub/pc/win3/desktop PlayIt 1.51 [cica] /pub/pc/win3/desktop >! ThumbsPlus 2.0e /pub/cerious [thmpls.exe] ------------------------- 6) [See note below] Ulead Viewer 1.0 [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics Video for Windows \___ --------------------------------------------- Runtime "VFW" 1.1e /Softlib/MSLFILES ------------------------- 4) [See note below] [WV1160.EXE] VMpeg 1.7 /pub/cf/cfogg/vmpeg vmpeg17.exe VuePrint 4.1 /users/h/hamrick ------------------------- External support for FLC/FLI = >! Wincode 2.6.6 /showcase/bstark WinGIF 1.4 [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics WinJPEG 2.76 [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics WinLab 3.0 [oak] /SimTel/win3/graphics Xingit! Runtime \___ --------------------------------------------- Video Player 1.1d [cica] /pub/pc/win3/desktop
[Name of utility] [Ver- [Located at ftp site:] [Filename] sion] X-Windows ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To see what types of files these utilities handle click here Ghostscript 3.33 /pub/ghost/aladdin ------------------------- ghostscript-3.33.tar.gz ImageMagick 3.6.5 [x] /contrib/applications/ImageMagick ------------------------- ImageMagick-3.6.5.tar.gz > JPEG (by IJG) 6.0 /graphics/jpeg jpegsrc.v6.tar.gz MpegPlay 2.0.1 [x] /contrib/applications ------------------------- mpeg_play-2.0.1.tar.gz Netpbm 3/1/94 [x] /R5contrib netpbm-1mar1994.tar.gz TIFF Software 3.4beta018 /graphics/tiff tiff-v3.4beta018-tar.gz > XAnim 2.70.1 /pub/podlipec ------------------------- xanim2701.tar.gz XGrasp 1.7d [x] /R5contrib xgrasp.1.7d.tar.Z XLI 1.16 [x] /contrib/applications xli.1.16.tar.gz XPaint 2.1.1 [x] /R5contrib xpaint-2.1.1.tar.Z XPM library 3.4f [x] /contrib/libraries xpm-3.4f.tar.gz XViewGL 1.1 [x] /R5contrib xviewgl_v1.1.tar.gz XV 3.10a /pub/xv xv-3.10a.tar.gz ------------------------- Update from 3.10 -> 3.10a xv-3.10a.patch
[cica] = or other site that mirrors the CICA archives [hobbs] = [oak] = or other site that mirrors the SimTel archives. [stark] = My anonymous ftp site. For the address look further into this FAQ under GENERAL INFO, section II, part a) . [sumex] = or any of its mirror sites. An example: /mirrors/info-mac/(SEE ABOVE) . [umich] = /pub/mac/umich/graphics/graphicsutil or other site that mirrors the University of Michigan's Macintosh archives. This site is also a mirror of in " /pub/mac/info-mac/(SEE ABOVE) " [wustl] = [x] = or other mirror sites. An example: /archives/X11R5/contrib(SEE ABOVE) or /archives/X11R6/contrib(SEE ABOVE) 1) = To use this version you must set back the date on your computer. If you know of a newer version please let me know! Version 3.0 does not have this problem and is available in the same directory as . 2) = With each increase in version, Grasprt has left some older .GL files unreadable (incompatible). The only solution to this problem, while still using Grasprt, is to use previous versions. I have found v4.0 to be the most reliable, but still find some .GL files that won't run with it. On my ftp site you will find several versions. I have yet to come across a .GL file that at least one of these versions couldn't handle. If your having troubles, try v4.0 . 3) = Only available with System 7.5, bundled with certain types of commercial software packages, or with the QuickTime Software Developer's kit from APDA. >>!! For a limited time, it is available through the WWW. The following archive includes QuickTime v2.1, QuickTime Power Plug, QuickTime Musical Instruments, and the QuickTime Virtual Player (QTVR). It is 3.2 megs in size. 4) = Make sure to type 'bin' when logged on to Microsoft. It appears that their WIN NT ftp servers do not properly handle sending files to other UNIX type platforms in ascii mode. If you don't, the files will be corrupt. 5) = The only difference between this version and v2.0.1 is a new installer. The newest version may be purchased through Apple via the WWW at . Does anyone know where else v2.0.3 may reside? File below is 1.2megs over a fairly slow link. /pub/winworld/viewer 6) = You must register to receive the latest version, v2.1a . This version supports AVI and MOV when 'Video for Windows' and 'QuickTime for Windows' are installed. Most of the sites are of average speed. I tried to look for the fastest ftp sites that had the software. If you should find a faster site, please e-mail me the site, directory, and file. I also tried to pick sites that seemed stable. For example I would not pick a site if the file was in the /incoming directory, because as we all know it will be deleted eventually. In place of some of the software versions I had to put the date. Some of the software gave no evidence of its version number. Thus I have put the main executable's date stamp or the official release date given in the documentation.


FW = FreeWare, PD = Public Domain [FW or [Software] PD] [Types of files it handles] DOS ............... Aaplay (PD) FLI/GIF Although I would discourage using it for viewing GIF files, as it can't view gif89a. CompuLog Views the same formats as "CShow", but used mostly for creating thumbnails of those pictures. CompuShow "CShow" BMP/CUT/GIF/IFF/IMG/JPG/LBM/MAC/PBM/PCX/PIC/PNG/ RIP Icon/RLE/SCx/TGA/TIF CompuShow 2000 BMP/CUT/GIF/IFF/IMG/JPG/LBM/MAC/PBM/PCX/PIC/PNG/ RIP Icon/RLE/SCx/TGA/TIF Display (FW) ANM/AVI/BMP/CLP/CUT/DL/FAC/FIT/FLC/FLI/GIF/GL/GRY/ ICO/IFF/IMG/JPC/JPG/LBM/MAC/MAG/MKI/MPG/PBM/PCD/ PCT/PCX/PDS/PGM/PI/PIC/PIX/PM/PNG/PPM/PS/QRT/ RAS/RAW/RGB/RLE/SGI/TGA/TIF/VIC/VIK/VIS/WPG/XBM/ XPM/YUV Superb utility for most of your graphic needs. DLView DL DMpeg (PD) MPG Views most MPG files okay. DVPEG (FW) BMP/GIF/JPG/PPM/TGA Very quick JPG viewer. GDS ANS/BBM/BMF/BMP/CUT/DL/FLC/FLI/FLX/GDS/GIF/GL/ICO/ IFF/IMG/JPG/LBM/MAC/MPG/PAL/PBM/PCC/PCX/RAX/RFX/ RLE/SCx/TGA/TIF/WPG To view DL/FLC/FLI/FLX/GL/MPG you need various external utilities which can all be found in the file in the same directory. Gif2jpg (FW) Converts GIF files to JPG files. GifEXE Convert GIF into self-displaying executable file. # Graphic Workshop "GWS" ART/BMP/CUT/EPS/GIF/HRZ/IFF/IMG/JPG/LBM/MAC/MSP/ PCX/PIC/PNG/RAS/RLE/TGA/TIF/WPG Grasprt (FW) GL Image Alchemy Too many formats to mention. This utility is really only for serious graphic manipulation, conversion, and viewing. JPEG (by IJG) (PD) Converts JPG -> BMP,GIF,PGM,PPM,RLE,TGA and vice versa. Independent JPEG Group = IJG . Jpg2gif (FW) Converts JPG files to GIF files. NeoPaint BMP/PCX/TIF Excellent paint program. NView BMP/GIF/IFF/JPG/LBM/PCX/PNG/TGA/TIF Also supports ANS/FLC/FLI/ICO/PCD through the use of external utilities that are included with NView. QPV/386 BMP/GIF/IFF/JPG/LBM/PBM/PCD/PCX/PGM/PNG/PNM/PPM/ TGA Highly rated, one of the fastest, if not the fastest JPG viewer. Very good program. Quick Picture Viewer = QPV . QuickFli (FW) FLI QuickView AVI/BGA/BMP/DIB/FLC/FLI/GIF/ICO/PCX/RL4/RL8/RLE/ TGA/VGA Screen Thief Excellent screen capture program. o SEA Graphics Viewer BBM/BMP/FLC/FLI/GIF/IFF/JPG/LBM/PBM/PCC/PCX/PGM/ PNG/PNM/PPM/RLE/TGA/TIF Very good program. VPic BIF/BMP/CUT/GIF/LBM/MAC/PCX/PIC/SCx/TGA/TIF VMpeg (FW) MPG XingIt! for DOS (FW) MPG Only plays MPGs' I-frames. Most MPGs made today have B,I,& P-frames. Thus this player is unable to correctly handle most MPGs made today.
FW = FreeWare, PD = Public Domain [FW or [Software] PD] [Types of files it handles] Macintosh ............... DLViewer DL Requires System 6.0.2 and Color QuickDraw. epsConverter Converts EPS <---> AI (Adobe Illustrator format) GifConverter GIF/JPG/PIC/RIF/TIF/MAC/Thunderscan Besides viewing and saving files in different formats, it does limited manipulations of the files. Giffer DeskPicture/GIF/PIC/Startup Screen/Thunderscan/TIF GLViewer GL Requires Color. Graphic Converter Of importance: BMP/DL/FLI/GIF/JPG/MAC/PCX/PIC/RLE/ TIF Supports several other formats. Requires Color QuickDraw and System 7. Does much more then mentioned here. Imagery (FW) A utility to convert Macintosh, Apple IIgs, Atari ST, Amiga, IBM PC, and Unix graphics into Macintosh-compatible GIF,PIC2, & TIF files. Supports Photoshop/PIC/PNT/RIF/SHR/TGA/ Thunderscan/TPIC . JPEGView BMP/GIF/JPG/MAC/PIC/Startup Screen/TIF Requires System 7. Rated by many as one of the best viewing utilities on the Macintosh platform. Mac Animation Viewer DL/GL/FLC/FLI/FLX/GIF/JPG/PCX/PIC/PPM Requires at least: 32bit Color QuickDraw, 68020, and an 8bit color monitor (256 colors). QuickGif GIF/MAC/PIC QuickTime DCI, Indeo 3.2, MPEG, QuickTime, and Timecode video formats. Sparkle (FW) MPEG/QuickTime Player/Converter. MPG->QT QT->MPG Highly rated as a good MPEG/QuickTime player. Requires QuickTime v1.6 and Thread Manager v2.0. Video for Windows ------------------------------------------------ Utilities AVI/QuickTime Converter QT->AVI AVI->QT Requires QuickTime v1.5
FW = FreeWare, PD = Public Domain [FW or [Software] PD] [Types of files it handles] OS/2 ............... Animation Player FLI Galleria BMP/DIB/EPS/GIF/IFF/IMG/JPG/MAC/MET/MSP/PBM/PCD/ PCX/PGM/PIC/PPM/RLE/TGA/TIF/WPG Generalized ------------------------------------------------ Bitmap Module (PD) AFI/BGA/BMP/DIB/GIF/IAX/IFF/KPS/LBM/PCX/PGM/PPM/ PSE/RL4/RL8/RLE/SPR/TGA/TIF/VGA/VID/VST/XBM Image Archiver GIF/JPG/PGM/PPM/TGA JoeView BMP/EPS/GIF/MET/PBM/PCX/PGM/PPM/RLE/SUN/TGA/TIF/ XBM Writes EPS, and reads RLE. Good program. PBMPLUS for OS/2 (PD) Countless conversion utilities. PM I-Cat BMP/DIB/GIF/ICO/JPG/PCC/PCX/PTR/RL4/RL8/RLE/TIF PMJPEG BMP/GIF/IFF/JPG/PCX/PPM/TGA/TIF PMMPEG MPG Plays I-B-P MPG format files without sound. # PMView BMP/DIB/EPS/GIF/IFF/JPG/MSP/PBM/PCD/PCX/PGM/PIC/ PNG/PPM/RLE/TGA/TIF Excellent program. Show BMP/GIF/PCX/PM/TGA/TIF
FW = FreeWare, PD = Public Domain [FW or [Software] PD] [Types of files it handles] Windows ............... ACDSee BMP/GIF/JPG/PCD/PCX/PNG/TGA/TIF o CompuPic "CPIC" AVI/BMP/DIB/FLC/FLI/FLX/GIF/JPG/MOV/PCC/PCD/PCX/ PNG/RLE/TGA/TIF Format To use, must first install: AVI Video for Windows Runtime FLC/FLI/FLX Autodesk Animator add-on MOV QuickTime for Windows Graphic Workshop ART/AVI/BGA/BMP/CDR/CLP/CPT/CUT/DIB/FIT/FLC/FLI/ GIF/HRZ/ICO/IFF/IMG/JPG/LBM/MAC/MPG/MOV/MSP/PCD/ PCX/PIC/PNG/RAS/RLE/TGA/TIF/UUE/WMF/WPG Format To use, must first install: AVI Video for Windows Runtime MOV QuickTime MCI drivers = MPG Microsoft Win32s, or Windows95, NT GraphX Viewer (FW) BMP/EPS/GIF/JPG/PCX/PNG/PS/RAS/TGA/TIF/XWD Jasc Media Center AVI/BMP/CDR/CGM/CLP/CUT/DIB/DRW/DXF/FLC/FLI/GIF/ HGL/IFF/IMG/JAS/JPG/LBM/MAC/MSP/PBM/PCD/PCX/PGM/ PIC/PNG/PPM/PSD/RAS/RAW/RLE/TGA/TIF/WMF/WPG Catalogs your files, and then allows you to view them. To view AVI you must first install 'Video for Windows'. LView (FW) BMP/DIB/GIF/JPG/TGA LView Pro BMP/DIB/GIF/JPG/PBM/PCX/PGM/PPM/TGA/TIG/TIF Microsoft Win32s Allows you to run 32-bit Windows applications, which do not use Windows NT-specific features, under Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups. MpegPlay MPG, but you must first install Microsoft Win32s . QV BMP/CYL/FAX/GIF/JPG/PCD/TIF Quick JPG viewer. QuickTime for ------------------------------------------------ Windows "QTW" MOV Files have to be the flattened format of MOV. Paint Shop Pro "PSP" BMP/CDR/CGM/CLP/CUT/DIB/DRW/DXF/EPS/GIF/HGL/IFF/ IMG/JPG/LBM/MAC/MSP/PBM/PCD/PCT/PCX/PGM/PIC/PNG/ PPM/PSD/RAS/RAW/RLE/TGA/TIF/WMF/WPG Excellent picture viewer/editor. PixFolio BMP/CGM/CLP/DIB/DRW/EPS/FLC/FLI/GIF/GRF/ICO/ICS/ IFF/IMG/JPG/MAC/PCT/PCX/RLE/TGA/TIF/WMF/WPG Views and also catalogs your files. PlayIt AVI/BMP/FLI/FLC/GIF/IFF/PCX/PGM/PPM/TGA/TIF To view AVI you must first install 'Video for Windows'. ThumbsPlus BMF/BMP/CEL/CDR/CGM/CMX/CPT/DIB/EPS/GIF/ICO/IFF/ IMG/JPG/LBM/MND/MNI/PAT/PCC/PCD/PCX/PSD/RAS/RAW/ RLE/SUN/TGA/TIF/TTF/WMF/WPG Creates excellent thumbnails. Ulead Viewer (FW) BMP/CGM/EPS/GIF/JPG/PCD/PCX/TGA/TIF/WMF Video for Windows ------------------------------------------------ Runtime "VFW" AVI VMpeg (FW) MPG No longer requires Microsoft Win32s . VuePrint AVI/BMP/DIB/FLC/FLI/GIF/JPG/MOV/PCX/RLE/TGA/TIF Format To use, must first install: AVI Video for Windows Runtime FLC/FLI Autodesk Animator add-on = MOV QuickTime for Windows # Wincode (FW) Encodes and decodes the following TEXT formats: Base64/Binhex/HQX/MIME/UUE/XXE WinGIF BMP/GIF/PCX/RLE WinJPEG BMP/GIF/IFF/JPG/PCX/PPM/TGA/TIF WinLab BMP/DIB/EPS/GIF/IFF/IMG/JPG/PCX/RAW/TGA/TIF Xingit! Runtime ------------------------------------------------ Video Player (FW) MPG Only plays MPGs' I-frames. Most MPGs made today have B,I,& P-frames. Thus this player is unable to correctly handle most MPGs made today.
FW = FreeWare, PD = Public Domain [FW or [Software] PD] [Types of files it handles] X-Windows ............... Ghostscript (FW) PS Great for handling PostScript files. ImageMagick (FW) AVS/BMP/CMYK/EPS/FAX/FITS/GIF/GRAY/HDF/JBIG/JPG/ MAP/MATTE/MIFF/MPG/MTV/PCD/PCT/PCX/PDF/PNG/PNM/ PS/PS2/RAD/RGB/RLE/SGI/SUN/TGA/TIF/TILE/VICAR/ VID/VIFF/X/XC/XBM/XPM/XWD/YUV/YUV3 Info! JPEG (by IJG) (PD) Converts JPG -> BMP,GIF,PGM,PPM,RLE,TGA and vice versa. Independent JPEG Group = IJG . MpegPlay (FW) MPG Netpbm (FW) Countless conversion utilities. TIFF Software (FW) TIF Great utility for handling TIFF files. Converts TIFF to several other formats, and vice versa. XAnim (FW) AVI/DL/GIF/FLC/FLI/IFF/MovieSetter/PFX/MOV/RLE XGrasp (FW) GL XLI (FW) BMP/CMU/FACE/FBM/G3 FAX/GIF/IMG/JPG/MAC/PBM/PCD/ PCX/PGM/PPM/RAST/RGB/TGA/XBM/XPM/XWD XPaint Excellent paint program. GIF/JPG/PPM/PS/SGI/TIF/ XBM/XPM/XWD XPM library (FW) XPM XViewGL (FW) GL XV BMP/GIF/JPG/RAST/RGB/PBM/PCX/PDS/PGM/PPM/RLE/TIF/ XBM/XPM Rated as a favorite viewer by many.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ GENERAL INFO @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I. Usenet Newsgroup Posting Information II. Methods of acquiring this FAQ a) FTP b) MailServer c) WWW III. Info on other " Site & Version FAQs " IV. More info needed on Macintosh and X-Windows V. Info on other platforms: Amiga/Apple/Atari/Linux/NeXT/Unix/VAX/VMS VI. Suggested reading material on using FTP through the use of e-mail VII. Miscellaneous Info VIII. Personal note to all users and authors of Graphic Utilities IX. My e-mail address ( X. DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT --------------------------- I. Usenet Newsgroup Posting Information This FAQ will be posted on: alt.answers alt.binaries.multimedia .pictures .d .misc .utilities news.answers under the subject heading: Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ If you believe I should post it to another group please inform me of which group. --------------------------- II. Methods of acquiring this FAQ a) FTP The latest version of the Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ can always be found on my anonymous ftp site. Should this FAQ make it to another ftp site, I'd be interested in hearing about it. FTP to : Login as : anonymous.stark Password : Leave your e-mail address Directory: /pub/utilities Filename : GUtil_SV.FAQ b) MailServer This FAQ is also available through a MailServer at: Once you subscribe to this MailServer, the FAQ will be mailed to you upon each update. You can also request the FAQ at any time from this MailServer. In the body of your e-mail message, include only 1 of the following commands: To subscribe, include : subscribe GUtil_SV_FAQ To unsubscribe, include : unsubscribe GUtil_SV_FAQ To request the FAQ, include : info GUtil_SV_FAQ To receive help, include : help The FAQ is being sent via UUCP thus the connection is rather slow. Expect up to a 5 hour wait when requesting this FAQ. If you are confused or having difficulties with the MailServer, please e-mail me and I'll try to help. c) WWW This FAQ may also be found on my personal WWW page: What's great about the WWW version of the FAQ is that all the files are hypertext linked. All you have to do is click the file you want and it will be sent to you, no messing around with ftp. You will also find several links to other graphic util WWW sites, countless related FAQs, and much more! Stop on by... you won't be disappointed. Make it your one stop shop for graphic utils. --------------------------- III. Info on other " Site & Version FAQs " The Anti(Virus) Utilities' Site & Version FAQ will help you find popular anti(virus) utilities. Platforms include DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, & Windows. Details many utilities which have features like decoys, disinfectors, heuristic scanning, integrity checking, memory resident, rescue disk, scanner, and virus demonstrations. Your sure to find something you need, as well as finding out if you have the latest version of a particular utility. This FAQ may be found on my ftp site mentioned above, in : /pub/utilities/AV_Util.FAQ It may also be found on my WWW page, also mentioned above. Currently work is being done to finish the Sound Utilities' Site & Version FAQ. It's release will be mentioned at the top of the other two FAQs, as well as to everyone subscribed to the MailServer. So stay tuned for the " Sound Utilities' Site & Version FAQ ". --------------------------- IV. More info needed on Macintosh & X-Windows I need help in building my Macintosh and X-Windows list. Please e-mail me what are your favorite graphic utilities, what version they are, and if possible, where they can be found. Please no commercial software. --------------------------- V. Info on other platforms: Amiga/Apple/Atari/Linux/NeXT/Unix/VAX/VMS At the present time I do not intend to add any more platforms. To my knowledge most people who use graphics on Linux/Unix use X-Windows, thus I'm not supporting a separate area for either Linux or Unix. I would, however, be interested in adding Linux/Unix if someone were to provide an in-depth, correct listing of utilities. No promises, but I would be interested. If you are looking for a Linux graphic utility check out the ftp site: /pub/Linux/apps/graphics . Amiga, Apple, Atari, NeXT, VAX/VMS, users please look at the Pictures FAQ in part 3 . Although outdated, this FAQ should be able to help you find something that will help you along in finding the right graphic utility. --------------------------- VI. Suggested reading material on using FTP through the use of e-mail I realize that many people don't have direct access to ftp sites. Thus you won't be able to go to the mentioned sites, but this shouldn't stop you from getting these files. It is very easy to learn about using FTP through e-mail because there are many FAQs and help files available. Send e-mail to and within the body of the message put the words "help", minus the quotations. This will send you help on how to use this site for ftpmail. There are many others besides this one. Also send e-mail to and within the body of the message put the words "send usenet/news.answers/ftp-list/faq", minus the quotations. This will send you the Anonymous FTP FAQ . Check out Section 6 of this FAQ on "Using FTP without direct Internet access." --------------------------- VII. Miscellaneous Info Some of the alt.binary.* groups' traffic can be solved by simply reading this FAQ. If you still have questions on any type of graphic utility, please post your question to the newsgroup. After much thought I decided to NOT include a section detailing how to use/install the graphic programs. I understand that Video for Windows or QuickTime may be tricky to install, but I just don't have the time or patience for this task. I would, however, be willing to offer a little help to anyone who might want to compile a FAQ on the subject. If after reading this FAQ and need more info, I would suggest consulting the Pictures FAQ , preferably part 3. A special thanks goes out to Kent Hamilton of St. Louis, Missouri in the USA, who helped me add X-Windows, and who currently runs the MailServer for this FAQ. My eternal thanks Kent! Although I am active on the net, I can't be everywhere, the net is just too damn big. :) I'll try to update the FAQ as often as possible, but a little help from you sure does help. Read on for more info. --------------------------- VIII. Personal note to all users and authors of Graphic Utilities (To the users of Graphic Utilities) If you happen to come across a newer version please inform me what and where it is, and I'll be eternally grateful. Without your help this FAQ may have a short life. So help keep me informed! :) (To the authors of Graphic Utilities) If you are an author of the one of the mentioned utilities and are releasing a new version, please inform me. I'm sure this FAQ will get the news of a new version out faster then just letting it sit on a site waiting for someone to discover. If you believe you should have one of your utilities added, please submit a request with where I can get the software, and why you think it should be added. No guarantees, please don't be discouraged or offended if I decide not to add your software. This FAQ was created to help users find 'popular' software, not software which is difficult to use, hard to setup, or out of date. --------------------------- IX. My e-mail address Any comments, constructive criticism, corrections, suggestions, or praise may be mailed to the author of this FAQ: Brian D. Stark --------------------------- X. DISCLAIMER & COPYRIGHT All opinions mentioned in this FAQ are the personal views of the author and in no way represent absolute fact. This FAQ does not represent all graphic utilities, there are many more out there. All trademarks are of their respective companies, and in no way am I affiliated with them. This FAQ may be freely copied as long as, a) you do not charge a fee for copying and/or distribution. b) the FAQ remains unmodified in its entirety. c) the distributed form is not in an electronic magazine or within computer software (prior explicit permission may be obtained from Brian Stark). d) it is distributed in it's electronic form. No other form of media is acceptable, including but not limited to books, newsletters, magazines, manuals, catalogs, CDs, and speech. These rights are temporary and revocable upon written, oral, or other notice by Brian Stark. If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above, write to the author at: The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ is Copyright 1995, by Brian Stark. All rights reserved.
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