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Windows NT Workstation

Setup and Installation Troubleshooter

STOP Error Message: 0x0000000A or 0x0000001E on Restart from Character-mode to GUI-mode Setup

This message may indicate the presence of a third-party driver at the system level that is incompatible with the version of Windows NT you are upgrading to, or a corrupted driver that did not get copied correctly during the text mode of Setup. Try installing Windows NT into a clean directory. If this installs correctly, try to access the first tree, and replace the corrupted file, or remove the files associated with any suspect third-party drivers. If you are unable to install Windows NT into a separate tree, check all essential hardware, including adapter cards, drive controllers, and so on. If you have nonessential adapter cards in the system, remove them and try the installation again. Also verify that the essential hardware in use is Windows NT-certified and has up-to-date firmware, if applicable.

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