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April 5, 1999 Issue

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Our Test Environment

By Eric Carr, Sm@rt Reseller

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Our server was outfitted with a 266MHz Pentium II processor, 64MB of memory, and a single 4GB IDE disk. The server and all clients (a mix of Pentium 166MHz, 200MHz and 233MHz boxes) all were communicating at 100Mbps over a switched (Bay Networks 28115) network. We tested from 1 to 30 clients running the ZD Benchmark Operation's NetBench 5.01 and WebBench 2.0 against each server.


TurboLinux's NetBench results were impressive. We measured Netware performance with both the Microsoft client for Windows as well as Novell's Client V3.1. As you might expect, things move faster when Novell's software is running on both client and server. However, regardless of which client is used, TurboLinux performance is more than 36 percent better than Netware with eight clients in the test. Even with a full load of 30 clients, TurboLinux yielded between 20 percent and 50 percent better performance, depending upon the client used.

Netware vs. Linux


In WebBench, Netware started out with a commanding lead, but then quickly leveled out at about 60 requests per second and stayed there. The near-linear performance of TurboLinux matched Netware at 16 clients, and kept going. At the 30-client load, TurboLinux was serving up fully 50 percent more web pages than Netware. In fact, the TurboLinux numbers are the best that we've seen for any Linux distribution. They far surpass the values observed for Caldera Systems Inc.'s OpenLinux, the leader in our first round OF testing. They should TurboLinux is Pentium enabled and we used its new 2.2.3 kernel.

Netware vs. Linux

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