OVERVIEW: Standard Analyzer of VHDL Applications for Next-generation Technology

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MTL Systems, Inc. (MTL) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) are jointly working on the USAF sponsored SAVANT project which is developing an extensible, object-oriented, open intermediate representation (IR) definition for VHDL and an analyzer (SCRAM) to translate VHDL into the SAVANT IR. Furthermore, SAVANT is developing a Code Generator (PUBLISH_CPP) for SAVANT IR which takes analyzer-produced IR as input and generates C++ code that compiles and links with the QUEST's VHDL simulation kernel (TyVIS) and Time Warp kernel (Warped ) to provide a parallel batch-level simulation capability. In addition, MTL and UC are collaborating with other EDA vendors in evolving the SAVANT IR into a common specification for VHDL IR, namely the Advanced Intermediate Representation with Extensibility (AIRE).

At this time, pre-release versions of the SAVANT analyzer, SCRAM, and the SAVANT Code Generator, PUBLISH_CPP, are freely available for non-commercial use (See license agreement)) and can be downloaded. Furthermore, in conjunction with UC's QUEST simulation components which are also available in pre-release form, SAVANT provides a freely available batch-level simulator. In addition, a commercially supported version of SCRAM, namely the VHDLyzer, is available for licensing from Intellx, a subsidiary of MTL Systems, Inc. Furthermore, a beta version of commercial VHDLyzer Toolkit, a collection of tools for tool developers to extend the VHDLyzer and the IR it implements, will be available from Intellx in October, 1996. In addition, MTL is developing a for-fee SAVANT and QUEST based interactive parallel VHDL simulator and debugger, namely Intellx/PVS. Furthermore, education and training courses are available for VHDL-based tool developers who would like to integrate SCRAM/VHDLyzer with their tools.

To schedule a personal demonstration at Fall VIUF Conference, DAC, EURO-DAC, Spring VIUF Conference or for additional information on SAVANT-based commercial products, please contact

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Updated August 22, 1996