Free Software Report

Here are the list of available issues of the Free Software Report, as published by Cygnus, all in postscript form. The lists of topics covered are not comprehensive; all issues have brief mentions of other subjects.

These copies of the postscript files have been modified from the originals to print on A4 paper.

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Note by Bernard Lang

Volume 1, number 1. 1992. Articles by Cygnus and Michael Shapiro introducing free software as a business model; Wind River and GNU development tools; article on unix freeware versus MS-DOS and Macintosh freeware and shareware; GNU development tools for Solaris.

Volume 2, number 1. 1993. Article comparing various legal terms for free software; E-mu and GNU development tools; John Perry Barlow on intellectual property in cyberspace; free software in numerical computation.

Volume 2, number 2. 1993. Article comparing automobiles with software (lean versus mass manufacturing in automobiles, and proprietary versus free software); the WAIS, Inc., provider of internet search tools; the Andrew user interface system; the Yggdrasil linux company.

Volume 2, number 3. 1993. Free software and open systems (particularly networking standards and Novell); the GNU debugger gdb; Pegasus mail, a free mail program for Novell networks.

Volume 3, number 1. 1994. Regression testing; regression testing of unix systems; dejagnu, a free regression testing framework; testing Nascent, a fortran compiler.