Internationalization in the GNU project

Ulrich Drepper
University of Karlsruhe

12th January 1996

This paper describes the current status of internationalization in the GNU project. It will be shown what is already used in most programs and what programmers could add. The reader will find hints and descriptions of possible pitfalls in internationalizing a program. Beside the known methods we will see descriptions of newly implemented or newly invented functionalities. This includes a short tutorial on how to use GNU gettext and a presentation of the latest changes in the ISO C standard.

1. Introduction

2. The ISO C/POSIX.2 internationalization model

3. The setlocale function

4. Access to locale entries:

5. What is currently used?

6. Message Handling

7. All together: GNU C Library

8. Building locale data files

9. Prepare for the future

10. Thank Yous

11. Biography


12. Bibliography

13. References

14. Trademarks