Linux on the OSF Mach3 microkernel

From: Nick Stephen <stephen@gr.osf.org>
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Subject: Linux on the OSF Mach3 microkernel
Organization: Open Software Foundation R.I., Grenoble
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The Open Software Foundation will be presenting a paper at the Free
Software Foundation Conference in Boston held on the first weekend
in February entitled "Linux on the OSF Mach3 micro-kernel".

Here is the abstract:

                    Linux on the OSF Mach3 microkernel
                        Francois Barbou des Places
                              Nick Stephen
                          Franklin D. Reynolds
               (OSF Research Institute, Grenoble and Cambridge)

Ever since the selection of Mach2.5 as the basis of the OSF/1
operating system, OSF intended to base its OS developments on the
Mach3.0 microkernel, which provides a scalable, extensible, OS-neutral
set of abstractions. The OSF Research Institute has made significant
improvements and extensions to the original CMU Mach3.0 microkernel,
and the result, named OSF MK, is still available for free. The latest
versions of OSF/1 are based on OSF MK but are encumbered by commercial
licenses. We decided to produce an unencumbered UNIX-like server on
top of OSF MK, providing our members and the research community with a
fully unencumbered development environment for their microkernel

In this paper, we first describe the functionalities that were added
to OSF MK by the OSF Research Institute and some performance
improvements. We describe the architecture of the Linux server,
emphasizing the areas requiring interaction between the Linux code and
the microkernel. We present some performance figures for the Intel x86
platform and introduce the port of OSF MK and the Linux server on the
Apple PowerMac platform.

OSF MK and the Linux server are or will shortly be available for free
from the OSF Research Institute for both the Intel x86 and Apple
PowerMac platforms.

Some information is already available on OSF Grenoble's Web page,
under the operating system program. More information, including the
full paper, will be made available at the time of the conference.


We are also going to be participating in an informal BOF (aka SIG) at
the conference on the evening of Sunday, 4 Feb discussing "Linux on
the OSF Mach3 micro-kernel" at which there will be our demo machines
available running linux on top of OSF Mach, both Intel and PowerMac

There will be representatives from the OSF and a representative from
Apple there who will be able to answer questions. We are interested in
discussing future collaborations from the community and with other
free O/S teams on various architectures. See you there!

Please note that there is currently NO distribution available for
PowerMac.  We plan to have a snapshot distribution available for Intel
by the time of the conference. Powermac distributions are planned
later. See our web page for further details.

Unfortunately I will not have time to reply to any queries concerning
the contents of this message before the conference. Please refer to our
web page, or to the FSF for details of the conference.


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