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Many thanks to Jeff Murphy and Smurfland for hosting this Web Site.

XAnim was released on 26Jan97.

XAnim 27064 has been released. Work hasn't allowed me much free time recently. What little free time I do get, I'm spending on a complete rewrite of XAnim. Currently it can stream .avi, .wav, .fli, .gsm formats via ftp, http, or stdin. Other formats/protocols will be added once things stabilize. I've also been improving the GUI considerably and have added features like menu bar and menus, scroll bar to jump around inside an animation and plan to add features such as a file browser for loading files. Also since I've removed all global variables, it should be trivial to make it a plugin.

However, it still has a ways to go until it can beta. Probably at least two months.

I attempt to reply to all the email messages I receive, however, I get quite a few with invalid return addresses. If you don't hear from me within a week, double check that your return address is correct.


email: podlipec@BayNetworks.com

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XAnim, What It Is, What It Does

XAnim is a program for playing a wide variety of animation, video and audio formats under X11. Although it was written mainly for machines running Unix(or a Unix derivative), it can also run on VAX VMS machines and has even been compiled and executed on machines running DOS with the proper X11 library support. Here's a list of animation formats supported.

Unix has no such thing as an audio standard, so separate and unique code must be written for each of the various types of machines support audio. Here's info on the machines XAnim has audio support for.

XAnim has a large number of options(buffering, color tweaking, resizing, etc) that allow flexible playback of these animations. See the files xanim.readme and xanim.man that are included with the xanim release.

It's also very useful when used in conjuction with your WWW browser. Properly Setting your Web Reader is a site that can provide some pointers to help you achieve this, also see the file WWW_Helper.doc that comes with XAnim.

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XAnim Mirror Sites

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Newest Release of XAnim is (26Jan97)

Here is a unix compressed tar archive of XAnim Use "uncompress" to uncompress it.

Here is a gzipped tar archive of XAnim Use "gunzip" to uncompress it.

NOTE: Some WWW browsers will automatically uncompress these archives when you download them and some don't. If you're not sure, check the size of the file that you received. The compressed file sizes are listed above next to each archive and the uncompressed XAnim tar file is 1974272 bytes.

There is an XAnim Compiling Help File that contains the steps needed to install and compile XAnim. It also has a list of some common compiling problems and how to get around them. Since this file is also included inside the archive, downloading this file from here would only be useful in getting the archive initially decompressed and installed.

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XAnim Mailing List

I have had a mailing list setup that anyone is free to join. It is used mainly for announcing new XAnim revisions as they come out. To Subscribe/Unsubscribe send email to:


with the word subscribe or unsubscribe in either the Subject or Message Body. Unfortunately, this part of the list maintenance isn't automated yet, so bare with me as I usually make the additions every couple of days.

Bug reports should still be sent to:


I do attempt to reply to all the email messages I receive, however, I get quite a few with invalid return addresses. If you don't hear from me within a week, double check that your return address is correct.

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Is this really free?

Yes, for non-commercial use. No money, donations, etc are required.

However, I do collect coins from around the World, so if you use and like XAnim and want to help motivate me to put more effort into it, you can send whatever coins you feel like donating to:

     Mark Podlipec
     15 Meadow Lane
     Shrewsbury MA 01545 USA
Doesn't matter what the value or condition they are in. However, I do have the majority of the 20th century US coins, so I'm not as interested in them. Here's my coin collection if you're interested in browsing it.

Thanks to any who respond.

For commercial use, a licensing agreement is required. You may send enquiries to: podlipec@BayNetworks.com

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Animation Related Stuff

Some of my animations and links to other Animation Sites

Need to merge the .data and .rsrc forks of a Quicktime animation together into a single file? Here's the unix source code to my quicktime flattener. Flatten is actually a bit of a misnomer, but it's already been named. Besides, it's easier to type than flatten_and_merge_the_forks_already.

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GIF Animation Info

NOTE: The old txtmerge has been modified by others to better produce gif animations for use with WWW browsers. Two are listed below:

Other GIF Animation Sites.

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Amiga and OS/2 Players

MainActor is an animation player for both Amiga and OS/2 platforms. It was voted best animation software of the year by Amiga Magazine. There are both public and commercial versions available.

XAnim has also been ported to the Amiga by two separate authors. I will include more info about these versions shortly.

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