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The current cost of a machine such as Loki or Hyglac is considerably less than what we paid in September, 1996 Table 1 shows the costs for the relevant components in August 1997. It is likely that a machine with components equivalent to those in Loki or Hyglac will be constructed for less than $25,000 by the Fall of 1997, which would result in price/performance figures which exceed those listed previously by a factor of two.

Table 1: Spot prices for August, 1997. These were obtained from sites listed at www.uvision.com. A 16 processor 200Mhz-2 Gbyte memory-50 Gbyte disk system with BayStack switch would be $28k. 

Item Description Price ($)
ASUS P/I-XP6NP5 motherboard 220
Pentium Pro 200 MHz, 256k L2 467
SIMM FPM 8x36x60, 32 Mbyte 112
Disk Quantum Fireball 3.2GB EIDE 215
Fast Ethernet DFE-500TX 21140 PCI 53
Misc. Case, Floppy, Heat Sink 150
BayStack 350T 16 port 10/100 Mbit switch 2500

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