Red Hat Software Welcomes Netscape to World Domination!

Red Hat Software, developer of the popular and freely distributable Red Hat Linux Operating System is pleased to welcome Netscape to the remarkable and remarkably effective world of cooperatively developed software.

Linux is the fastest growing non-Microsoft Operating System in the world according to Dan Kusnetzky of IDC (International Data Corporation - the leading computer industry analysts). In Sun World Online Magazine, Kusnetzky estimates that "between 2 million and 6 million copies of Linux were installed in 1997, compared with around 3.8 million copies of the MacOS, over 7 million copies of Microsoft Corp.'s NT Workstation and 1.2 million copies of IBM's OS/2." See

The power of the cooperative development model is illustrated by the industry awards that Linux has won over OSes from leading commercial OS vendors. Among these awards is the naming of Red Hat Linux as the Best Desktop Operating System of 1996 by Infoworld Magazine.

Red Hat attributes its ability to produce technology that is better and more widely adopted than that of commercial vendors to the effective and efficient cooperative development and free distribution model supported by the General Public License, or GPL. Users find that complete source code and a license that allows them to customize and advance the Operating System software they use gives them real power and control over their computing systems. See

We have every confidence that Netscape's decision to make future versions of Navigator and Communicator freely distributable will successfully enable them to continue to lead the industry in both the quality of their technology and market share.

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