In the past, firewall
network security was firebox
costly and complex.
network security

Now, WatchGuardfirewall
makes it affordable andnetwork security
as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.firewalls

At a glance, understand the groundbreaking WatchGuard Firebox, the world's leading security appliance.


Network Solutions rates WatchGuard's Firewall a "Best Buy!"
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Wick Hill Group now distributes WatchGuard Firebox in Europe.

Data Communications Magazine names WatchGuard one of 1997's Top 25 Hot Startups.

WatchGuard delivers network security to insurance company.
A complex network structure finds a perfect firewall match.

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More than a firewall, the WatchGuard Security System is specifically configured for network security. The WatchGuard Firebox is a standalone network security appliance dedicated to the single function of network security. Packet filtering and transparent proxies effect full firewall functionality. Data Encryption ensures that transmissions to and from remote users are private. Authentication gives only authorized users the ability to access the corporate network over the Internet.