The pioneering WatchGuard Security System, an innovative combination of hardware and software, continues to win the attention of industry experts.

Network Solutions' Best Buy Award

"At a very reasonable price, WatchGuard can be configured to perfectly suit your requirements. WatchGuard is an excellent product that does everything you'd expect of a good firewall. It's easy to configure and has a fair price. All current Internet protocols and services are provided for, and they can be easily be added to the configuration."

Network Solutions Magazine, "In The Line of Fire," August '97

DataComm Tester's Choice Award

"The low-cost, Linux-based WatchGuard Security System is inexpensive and a breeze to setup, and it boasts security features not found on many high-end products we tested, like screening for executable content."

DataComm Magazine, "Firewalls: Don't Get Burned," March '97

NCSA Certified

The WatchGuard Security System has been certified by NCSA, an independent organization that promotes continuous improvement of commercial digital security. NCSA Certified products have been tested to protect against a standardized and evolving suite of attacks while allowing significant business functions to be accomplished.

"Customers no longer wish to buy the pieces and integrate them themselves. An appliance firewall fits this buying pattern to a "T"."

"Firewall appliances are the logical next steps in the industry's evolution. This new product category will command 40 percent of the firewall market by 2000."

"By 2002, enterprises with revenues between $20m and $200m will choose firewall appliances over NT or UNIX firewalls 80 percent of the time."

And Government Computer News says:
"WatchGuard's low-cost, easily configured, full-featured WatchGuard [Security System] combined the major approaches to firewall design with some things lacking in most other products: inspection of executable content such as Java or ActiveX, and the ability to e-mail trace-route or finger information to managers."

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