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01/26/2001 - Updated 06:30 PM ET
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James Marsden

Cheap Trick

Talk to the band, 7 ET Monday.

Pete O'Brien

Super Bowl XXXV

Pete O'Brien chats before the game and at halftime.

Michael McCarthy

Super Bowl Ad Meter

Michael McCarthy has the results; 3 ET Monday.

Robert Bianco

Critic's Corner

Robert Bianco talks about the hottest shows on television; 2 ET Monday.

Dr. William Sponsel

Health chat

Talk about glaucoma prevention and treatment; 1 ET Monday.



Talk live with the band; 8 ET Tuesday.

Espen Knutsen


Chat with Espen Knutsen of the Columbus Blue Jackets; 3 ET Tuesday.

Matt Krantz

Tech stocks

Matt Krantz handles your investment questions; 1 ET Tuesday.

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The economy: Will Bush be able to continue economic expansion?
Super Bowl XXXV: Which defense will make a play to win the game?
Georgia flag flap: Should the state remove the Confederate emblem?
Bush in office: What advice do you have for the new president?
Ashcroft's nomination: Should the Senate confirm Ashcroft?
Clinton off the hook: Did he get a fair deal?
Reality? Talk about the FOX show Tempation Island.
Linda Chavez: Who's at fault for Chavez stepping down?
Bush's Cabinet team: What do you think of the final selections?
Sen. Hillary Clinton: What do you expect from the senator?

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Every week

1 p.m.: Weekly health chat


2 p.m.: Critic's Corner with Robert Bianco



1 p.m.: Tech stocks with Matt Krantz (alternate weeks)


1 p.m.: Personal finance with John Waggoner or Sandra Block (alternate weeks)


3 p.m.: Weekly NHL chat



1 p.m.: Pop Candy with Whitney Matheson



1 p.m.: College football with Erick Smith


2 p.m.: NFL with Pete O'Brien

  • Can one picture frame display hundreds of pictures?

  • Why give up carbohydrates if you donít have to?

  • Time zone to time zone never set your watch again

  • Keep your hands on the wheel while you talk on the phone

  • Explore the night's secrets with perfect clarity

  • "The kit is identical to one my friend paid a dentist $600 for and actually worked faster"

  • Never do another crunch or sit-up again!