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01/26/2001 - Updated 05:57 PM ET
Tech Help

From Assistant Tech Editor Tamara Holmes

Answers to your questions about the Internet and personal computing.

Today's Question

Do filtering programs use key words to automatically block certain sites or do real people actually go in and choose the sites that should be blocked by a particular filtering program?

Living on the Net
Career Web sites may give your search the boost it needs.
Check the seller feedback to avoid online scam artists.
Family computing
Browse through these Web sites designed to help your family stay healthy.
Show your kids that homework help abounds on the Web.
Buying guides
Some tips to keep in mind when looking for a digital camera.
These nifty devices are easy to use and will make your MP3 files sing.
Tech tutor
Lighten your computer's load by disabling software tools you don't need.
This primer will teach you all you need to know about e-mail.
Protecting your privacy
Learn how to keep your private information out of others' hands.
Advice for protecting your children from online dangers.
Computer security
Net security should be a concern to everyone; it's not just for the paranoid.
E-tail safety hints will help you avoid some online troubles.
Frequently Asked Questions


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Who comes up with the ratings on computer games?


Mobile computing

Are there carrying cases for handhelds like there are cases for notebooks?



How is a monitor's size determined?


General hardware

Where I can donate my old computer?