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01/19/01- Updated 05:13 PM ET

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But software giant "guarded" about future

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Cache as cache can

The distributed Web cache architecture that made Akamai- style technology a darling of the Net and the Nasdaq is, some argue, running out of steam. And I've been hearing whispers from potential Akamai-killing (or Akamai-we're-hoping-acquires-us) companies, although few of these companies have been willing to go on the record.

One company that's not so afraid to talk is OpenCola, which is run by the dynamic duo Grad Conn and Cory Doctorow, who, believe it or not, write science fiction together in their spare time (I haven't read it). This may explain some of OpenCola's incredibly fantastical ideas for a peer-to-peer file-sharing and collaborative filtering service, and for a trust-based rights management solution.

In comparison, OpenCola's core technology, peer-based caching, is positively pedestrian. The concept is that users, while they are downloading a large, popular file, will also be uploading pieces of that file to other users who are downloading it, thus distributing the network load. Content providers will be the ones who pay for this technology, the return for them being reduced server loads and increased reliability.

OpenCola has funding from Battery Ventures, which is noteworthy since Battery funded Akamai.

-Rafe Needleman

Courtesy of Bloomberg.

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Fund NameSymbolValueChange
 Alliance Technology AALTFX$101.02$0.61 
 Dresdner RCM Glob Tech IDRGTX$53.54$0.68 
 Fidelity Select ElectronicsFSELX$66.81$0.46 
 Firsthand Technology LeadersTLFQX$37.90$-0.04 
 RS Information AgeRSIFX$20.66$0.04 
 Northern TechnologyNTCHX$21.27$0.10 
 Red Oak Technology SelectROGSX$24.68$0.29 
 Rydex OTC InvRYOCX$19.00$0.27 
 T. Rowe Price Science &  TechnologyPRSCX$39.64$0.53 
 United Science & Tech AUNSCX$11.04$0.00 

Note: Value is Daily Net Asset Value; Change is Daily Net Asset Value Change.

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