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01/26/2001 - Updated 06:07 PM ET
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DirecTV sacks would-be Super Bowl pirates

Broadcasting a withering electronic signal, DirecTV shook loose thousands of TV pirates who had been watching its satellite TV channels without paying. Dubbing the event "Black Sunday," the signal thieves will now have to pull out the rabbit ears if they want to watch the Super Bowl this weekend.

Hackers block access to Microsoft sites

Hackers blocked access to several Microsoft Web sites on Thursday, one day after the software giant corrected an employee's error that caused consumers to be blocked from its sites. The so-called "denial-of-service attack" occurred Thursday morning, intermittently blocking Web surfers from Microsoft sites like and

WorldCom may cut workforce by 15%

Telecommunications giant WorldCom is expected to lay off as many as 11,550 people, or 15% of its workforce, the Wall Street Journal reported. The cuts could be announced over the next few weeks as part of a company restructuring.

Darva Conger tires of privacy, moves online

In a move conspicuously at odds with her continued pleas for privacy, Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire's reluctant bride, Darva Conger, has launched her own Web site. Darva' serves up health and fitness tips, peppered with photos of a skimpily-attired Conger.

Michael Jordan to endorse Palm

Basketball star Michael Jordan said he will be a spokesman for Palm's handheld line of computers. Jordan joins model Claudia Schiffer as the latest celebrity to endorse the organizer.

Internet 'Survivor' snoops vie to outscoop

Survivor fans on the Internet are hoping they have better luck uncovering the show's secrets this time around, after many of their "scoops" last season turned out to be wrong. This season, there are three major Survivor fan Web sites. Two are involved in a Survivor-like, mano a mano fight that would impress Survivor 1 winner Richard Hatch.

Vote for the Super Bowl MVP online

The NFL will add a wrinkle to Super Bowl history Sunday when it allows fans to help decide the game's Most Valuable Player by voting on At some point in the second half, CBS TV announcers will invite fans to log on to the official Super Bowl site and start voting. Fans' votes will count about 20% toward determining the award's winner.

Los Alamos employee may have history of hacking

A 21-year-old former Los Alamos National Laboratory employee charged with hacking into eBay and other prominent Web companies also is under investigation for computer crimes while he was in college in Wisconsin, a federal prosecutor said.

EToys Q3 loss exceeds expectations

Troubled Internet retailer eToys continues to lose money and is running out of cash to keep afloat. The company said Thursday it had a net loss of $85.8 million in the third quarter or 62 cents per share, compared with a loss of $75.5 million, or 63 cents per share, in the same period last year.

Sarah Jessica Parker named Priceline pitchwoman

Name-your-own-price e-tailer, which gained notoriety from a series of quirky commercials featuring William Shatner of Star Trek fame, is charting a new course for its advertising. The company hired Sarah Jessica Parker, star of HBO's Sex and the City, as its new pitchwoman.

'ESP' gives Expedia search engine the edge

Online travel agent this week rolled out its new "Expert Searching and Pricing" search technology that lets consumers sort travel options by airline, lowest price, shortest flights, and departure and arrival times. It also lets users buy discounted air fare/hotel package deals.

SEC: Online brokerages should provide more info

Brokerage firms offering online trading need to provide more information to customers and closely monitor how quickly and well trading orders are executed, a new report by federal securities examiners found. The report, released Thursday by the Securities and Exchange Commission, also notes continued misleading advertising claims by some online brokerages.

Excite@Home meets expectations

High-speed Internet access provider Excite@Home reported fourth-quarter losses that were less than expected, and promised a tighter focus on its services in 2001.

Legislation would target violent games

Lawmakers on Thursday said they will push for a law next month to punish companies that market violent video games to young people. Senators and watchdog groups blasted the industry for producing such games but praised it for creating a review board to enforce voluntary industry guidelines on advertising.

Another record label drops suit against Napster

TVT Records, one of the largest U.S. independent record labels, dropped its $1.5 billion lawsuit against Napster, Newsbytes reported. TVT cited an agreement between Napster and media giant Bertelsmann to create a for-pay online music-swapping service as its reason for dropping the suit.

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