01/26/2001 - Updated 04:18 PM ET
AOL Communicator: E-mail on the road
Device banishes last excuse for not answering instant messages.
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Workstation on wheels
DaimlerChrysler's PT Cruiser grows more eccentric still with a dashboard computer and in-car Net access.

Expedia dabbles in 'ESP'

Microsoft's online travel agent rolls out 'Expert Searching and Pricing' technology to simplify bookings.
Ericsson switches gears
Third-largest mobile phone maker hangs up on handset production business to pursue other projects.
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A new way to get to Carnegie Hall

Music technology has come a long way since the days of the player piano. Today, the harmonically-challenged can find comfort in Internet-connected keyboards that use flashing lights to show players which keys to hit when. "If you can follow the bouncing ball, you can play the piano," Casio claims.

Web site brings musicians together for musical collaborations.

USA TODAY's Deirdre Donahue discovers electronic books.

Learning to live with, if not love, Microsoft's latest operating system.

Apple Power Mac raises desktop style to a classier, higher power.

Getting around town with a little help from America's eyes in the sky.

New devices set digital-music lovers free from their home computers.

  • Can one picture frame display hundreds of pictures?

  • Why give up carbohydrates if you donít have to?

  • Time zone to time zone never set your watch again

  • Keep your hands on the wheel while you talk on the phone

  • Explore the night's secrets with perfect clarity

  • "The kit is identical to one my friend paid a dentist $600 for and actually worked faster"

  • Never do another crunch or sit-up again!