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Free Document Dissemination Licence (FDDL)

In the spirit of the GPL (GNU General Public Licence) used for freely redistributable software, I wish to have a licence for freely redistributable documents.

I am not satisfied with the licence used by the LDP (Linux Documentation Project), which, in my opinion, is too constraining with respect to modification, variants and evolution of the document, and gives little protection regarding obstacles to free use that may be introduced through current and future legislation on databases.

The Free Document Dissemination Licence, called FDDL, presented below is my answer to this need. This is only a first version.

Comments are welcome, whether on the motivations or on the actual text of the licence, and particularly its legal effectiveness given the stated motivations. They may be sent to Bernard Lang l'adresse Please, specify when appropriate whether your mail may be quoted in these pages with your name attached.

July 1997, Free reproduction © Copyright Bernard Lang [F1450324322014] Licence FDDL v1

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