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Cette page est en cours de composition.  Je compte y inclure divers articles de recherche que j'ai produits au fil des années, notamment ceux qui ne sont pas librement disponibles dans un format numérique décent.

N'ayant jamais reçu le moindre paiement pour ces articles, je résilie ici toute exclusivité de publication ou d'exploitation que j'aurais pu accorder à quiconque, dans ma grande naïveté de chercheur.

En conséquence, en ce qui concerne mes droits, ces documents sont disponibles ici sous ma licence LLDDv1, ou la licence CC-by-sa si vous l'estimez plus commode bien qu'elle protège moins bien votre droit d'accès. Cela n'engage pas mes co-auteurs, sauf indication explicite (qui voudrait dire que je leur ai demandé  leur accord, mais probablement pas de façon formelle et contractuelle).

En attendant la completion de cette page, voir également la bibliographie du projet ATOLL.
This page is being created. I intend to include various research articles that I produced over the years, especially those that are not otherwise freely available in an acceptable digital format.

Since I never received any payment for these articles, I hereby withdraw any exclusivity for any form of publication or exploitation that I may have granted to anyone, due to my scientist naiveness.

Therefore, as far as my own rights are concerned, these documents are available here under my own very permissible licence FDDLv1, or the licence CC-by-sa if you find it more convenient though it is less protective of your access rights. This of course cannot include documents that are co-authored, unless indicated otherwise (meaning that I did ask my coauthors, though probably not in a formal contractual way).

While this page remains unfinished, see also the ATOLL project bibliography.

Parallel non-deterministic bottom-up parsing, International Symposium on Extensible Languages, Grenoble - Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse, September 1971. Abstract (pdf-img, djvu) published in  the Symposium proceedings, ACM SIGPLAN Notices
Volume 6, Issue 12, December 1971, pp 56-57.(html, pdf). The full report (pdf-img [4.8Mb], djvu [504Kb]) was not published, as the results were generalized in a more formal paper in 1974.

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A variant of this paper with some extensions was included in the November 1987 annual report of the GIPE european projet PDF-img.
A slightly more extended version of the paper was published in Programing Of Future Generation Computers II, Proceedings of the Second Franco-Japanese Symposium, 9-11 Nov. 1987,K. Fuchi and L. Kott (editors) ; pp. 163-182, North-Holland (October 1988).  PDF

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